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The Literary Agency Group (LAG) is actively investing in Agency, Publishing, and Services businesses. We are acquiring people and companies who meet our strict criteria.  Lag announces purchasing a minority interest in American Enterprises Group, a writers services company.  "Based on our research, American Enterprises is the second largest privately held editing and writers services company in the world, second only to Scribendi", says Georgina Orr, Group Vice President. "It just makes good business sense", she adds.  When asked about whether this represents a conflict of interest Ms. Orr replied, "everything we do is for the betterment of our services to our authors.  If anything, this gives us the clout to make sure that our authors are given priority treatment and even better service. Our policy of only representing edited work dictates that we secure our supply lines and make sure that our authors get the best editors available on the market, at the best prices in the industry.  Furthermore, we are embarking on an aggressive vertical integration policy and we plan to acquire and take positions in as many businesses in the publishing space as we can.  We are looking at buying a publishing company, a distribution company, and a publicity and marketing company as well.  Vertical integration is a proven concept in the business world, and we will use that strategy to be a long term player in a very, very large industry, $40 billion by some estimates".

The Literary Agency Group has been acquired by Writers Literary Agency & Marketing Company. "Combining our credentialed editors with a top notch sales force just makes sense", says the Managing Director of Writers Literary Services. "Our editors identify great work and they sell it. It's a good business decision". Robert West, Group Vice President of The Literary Agency Group agrees, "taking edited work to our buyers is what we have been doing for a couple of years now. This acquisition simply tells the market that we have a very powerful and unique offering. Our literary agency is different, and this clearly shows that we understand what buyers want, work that is ready to go!"

About The Literary Agency Group (LAG):  LAG maintains executive suites in New York, and works with various partners in Los Angeles.  For more information please email the anti-spam email located in the header or call 888-808-6195.






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